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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little back-yard bushcraft...

Woke up this morning, and decided I had a few blades that needed testing.

I couldn't justify hauling all this steel up the mountain and explaining to every Joe who walks by why exactly I'm carrying it all, so I decided to do my initial testing of these blades at home.

Here is the testing area, a quarter acre of my back yard full of varied bushes, thorny plants, birch trees, ferns, etcetera:

And the area which I eventually cleared into a trail:

The next step was, of course, to cut said path with my handy dandy 18" Ontario Military Machete:

The machete can be seen at center in both of these photos, it made short work of this brush:

From there, I took a left turn and beat my way through another ten feet of jungle. Then, I retrieved my Equinox Coronado 28"-haft tomahawk and set to work at felling wood for a cook-fire to cook burgers over for an early dinner:

Let's get closer, and check out the damage that tomahawk did:

I'm pretty proud of my handiwork, anyway :D

And for firewood, this is the bulk of what we got, post-limbing via a combination of the tomahawk, ESEE-6, and machete:

Adequate for a fire, I'd say. After collecting a few lesser branches, I've got this to work with:

That tomahawk always wants to be the center of attention. Anyway, here's the whole crew, getting ready for the processing work:

I'll be finishing this little series up tonight, hopefully the ESEE-6 will get more camera-time.

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